Lovely Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you’ve been following FROLIQ on Instagram, you know that I have been FROLIQing in Slovenia. Many of you have asked how/why I ended up there. The short answer:

Slovenia was recently recognized as the world’s first “Green Destination.” This makes it an extra attractive destination for anyone trying to #BeABetterTraveler.

That + the magical, fairytale photos I had seen + the fact that I did not personally know even ONE other traveler that had been there… all added up to a  strong need to experience Slovenia for myself and explore it as a possible destination for future FROLIQs.

I spent a week with the Young Travel Professionals – eating, swimming, and cycling our way through one of the most stunning countries I have ever seen.

No better way to see the lively city of Ljubljana than exploring by bicycle


Fresh Alpine air, endless adventure and R & R options, local food and wines that were so good they’ve spoiled my taste buds, + colors so vibrant that they pained my eyes. And did I mention there are castles and caves… and castles in caves? Think I am exagerating? Take a look at the Slovenia photos on my Instagram and decide for yourself.


Lake Jasna

Well. This place sure is ugly. (^_-)  Lake Jasna, Slovenia


Or better yet, why not join me and find out for yourself?

Next spring, I will be leading a small group of FROLIQers to Slovenia. So you’ve got plenty of time to plan and save! Register your interest or send your questions HERE.

Or if you’d like to get to Slovenia sooner (I can’t blame you – I am already itching to get back!), I’d love to arrange a private FROLIQ for you. Just drop me a line and we’ll get started!

Wondering if you and Slovenia are a match? Check out these 5 WAYS TO KNOW SLOVENIA IS YOUR SOULMATE PLACE

Scenery so stunning you can’t help but skip! Julian Alps, Slovenia


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