Did you know that 1 in 6 children in the USA ARE not getting the NUTRITION they need?

School is tough enough without a growling tummy! How can we expect a child to sit through class, learn, and chase their dreams if they’re running on empty?

Every time you book with FROLIQ*, we donate a week’s worth of lunches to a child in the USA** whose family is not able to cover the cost of school lunches.

I was fortunate to have parents that made sure we always had food on the table – even if that meant they worked multiple jobs and we raised, hunted, planted, and harvested what we ate. But not every child is so lucky. And that’s not their fault.

If we want kids to become innovative, intelligent, contributors to our communities, we have to make sure they have the education AND the nutrition they need. 



*If you are not ready/not interested in planning a FROLIQ, but still want to donate to the cause, you can! Please email for more info on how you can help donate meals to children in need.

**Why are we donating meals to children in the USA? Because I believe in investing in our own communities and creating connections around the world. One of the biggest criticisms of travel abroad – and service work in particular – is that Americans travel thousands of miles to help people in other places, when they have neighbors at home that are in need. I don’t believe we have to choose one or the other; I believe in doing BOTH. We are all neighbors on this planet. And we are always, always better together. BOOK A FROLIQ, FEED A CHILD is an effort to support local communities in the USA and to send travelers abroad that can create connections, build bridges, or lend a hand if they so choose.

For more info on BOOK A FROLIQ, FEED A CHILD, please email