EGBOK (Everything’s Gonna Be OK) is a social enterprise in Cambodia that provides hospitality, hands-on experience, life skills, and leadership training to underprivileged youth. Their mission is to help alleviate poverty in Cambodia by creating opportunities for young people to become empowered in shaping their own lives and futures.

I had the pleasure  of eating at Spoons Café – an EGBOK’s restaurant that serves a dual purpose as (1) a training facility for EGBOK students and (2) a delicious restaurant for those seeking an authentic Cambodian culinary and hospitality experience in a gorgeous, open air setting… constructed of bamboo – a resource that does not compete with crop production, is more energy efficient than steel or plastic,  helps alleviate the demand for timber, and raise awareness of deforestation issues in Cambodia.

Everyone needs to eat… so why not make a deliberate choice whenever possible to find restaurants that serve great food AND support social and environmental causes? #BeABetterTraveler

To learn more about EGBOK and Spoons, visit Can’t make it to Cambodia but want to support EGBOK? You can donate HERE

(Photos courtesy of EGBOK + Spoons Cafe, Siem Reap)