I met Sandra Jelly, Founder of Lumeyo, on a recent trip to Jordan. Since 2010, she has been working with local Bedouin women in Petra to create and sell woven items – such as bags and yoga mats – from upcycled materials.

Bedouin women have a long history of weaving tents, carpets, bags, and horse and camel decorations that can withstand harsh desert conditions. But in recent years, the weaving tradition has been fading.

While living and working in a Bedouin community, Sandra saw the talent the women possessed. She also noticed there was a severe lack of opportunities to showcase their skills and a lack of interest by the younger generation to learn the craft. The desire to create a space for creativity and economic opportunity inspired Sandra to partner with the women to design and produce products that could appeal to a broader audience.

In an area where economic opportunities for women are limited, Lumeyo empowers women to create and sell their crafts and provide for their families.

Learn more about the women behind Lumeyo or purchase your own handmade piece HERE. If you are in Jordan or Florida, you can buy a bag in person by visiting a partner store (listed HERE). Custom orders are also available by contacting Sandra directly at

Photos courtesy of Lumeyo