I first visited Jordan in May 2017. I spent two weeks seeing some of the sites, hiking in the desert, swimming in the Red Sea, floating in the Dead Sea, watching the most magnificent sunset in Umm Qais, exploring the trails of Petra, eating a whole lot of tasty hummus, and even doing yoga on the pink sandstone rocks in Little Petra. When my Jordan journey came to a close, I found myself feeling pulled in a way I couldn’t completely put into words.

Sunset yoga session in Little Petra. Photo by Andy Austin


I returned to the U.S. so I was in LA physically, but my mind and heart were still in Jordan.

And it became clear that unless I went back, I would never be able to be fully present in my life… it was like my soul was still off dancing on that sandstone in Petra while my body tried (with little luck) to live on in LA!

Spoiler alert: I am back in Jordan 🙂

If the fact that a place and people were so wonderful that they quite literally captured my soul isn’t reason enough for you to want to FROLIQ to Jordan…


    1. You enjoy having your mind blown by striking scenery. Jordan is home to some insane other-worldy landscapes like no other. You know that movie The Martian? They filmed it here. OTHER. WORLDLY.

      Wadi Rum, Jordan

    2. You love adventure – whether that means outdoor activities, a spiritual journey, learning about other cultures from local people, or all of the above. There are endless trails to explore (including a very big and special one that just officially opened this year), people to meet, and stories to hear.  
    3. You believe that travel has the power to transform travelers and locals alike. If you are open to being transformed by your experiences, I believe it is impossible to visit Jordan and leave unchanged.
    4. You admire ancient architecture and would love to explore an ancient city that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the most impressive architectural feats – not to mention, endless trails and stunning views – can be found in Petra.


      The view of the Treasury from the Siq in Petra

    5. You love to travel with a small group of other people who are looking to get more out of their trip than just stamps in their passport. Whether you are a first-timer or a lifelong wanderluster, if you want to get to know a destination through a balance of nature, culture, culinary, history, and adventure activities while engaging with locals + a small group of other travelers, you will fit right in on our FROLIQ to Jordan.  No big-bus, cookie cutter tours here. Every activity on our Jordan FROLIQ has been handpicked by FROLIQ’s founder and her Jordanian friends to give you a memorable, meaningful, fun-tastic experience.

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