Wondering if you and Slovenia are a match?


          1. Although you understand life isn’t always a fairytale, you wouldn’t mind being in one. With it’s abundance of castles, caves (did you know there are over 11,500 caves in this country?!), vineyards, clear mountain lakes, and aquamarine rivers, traveling in Slovenia can feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale.
          2. You care about people and planet + you do your best to travel responsibly. Slovenia shares your values! In 2016, Slovenia was named the world’s first “Green Destination.” In addition to the pristine natural environment, Slovenia is a leader in sustainable tourism. You can #BeABetterTraveler by supporting destinations like Slovenia that are involved with eco and community-based tourism.
          3. You are active and healthy… Or at least you want to be! If you are already an active person, you will appreciate the chance to hike, swim, and cycle your way around this beautiful country. And if you haven’t quite achieved your health and wellness goals yet, Slovenia may be just the inspiration you need. On our Slovenia FROLIQ, we will have the opportunity to explore the Alps, cities, and countryside by foot and by bike… and then rest and reset at a thermal spa or on the banks of a river.
          4. You love to explore a destination through your taste buds. We do too. And Slovenia is the perfect place to do so. Stops on our Slovenia FROLIQ include olive oil, prosciutto, strudel, cheese, and wine tastings with local producers. Think of it as fuel for all of your FROLIQing!    
          5. You love to travel with a small group of other people who are looking to get more out of their trip than just stamps in their passport. Whether you are a first-timer or a lifelong wanderluster, if you want to get to know a destination through a balance of nature, culture, culinary, history, and adventure activities while engaging with locals + a small group of other travelers, you will fit right in on our FROLIQ to Slovenia.  No big-bus, cookie cutter tours here. Every activity on our Slovenia FROLIQ has been handpicked by FROLIQ’s founder and her Slovenian friends to give you a memorable, meaningful, fun-tastic experience.

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*Please note: Participants on the FROLIQ to Slovenia must be 18+ years old as we will visit vineyards and there will be wine tasting.