THE MOVEMENT: Be A Better Traveler

What does it mean to #BeABetterTraveler ?

I’ll give you a hint: It might not be what you think.

It’s not about competing for the most stamps in your passport or the most followers on Instagram.

It’s not about seeing EVERY tourist site or staying in the most expensive hotels.*

It has nothing to do with bragging rights or price tags or perfect photos.**

It’s about taking that competitive spirit and using it for good. 

It’s about challenging yourself to #BeABetterTraveler.

It’s about constantly learning new ways to travel responsibly and inspiring others to do the same.

It’s asking yourself:

How can I give more than I take?

How can I slow down and connect with people and places rather than rush through, just to check off a list?

How can I travel in a way that increases positive impact and decreases negative impact – on people and planet?

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do some type of voluntourism (and if you do, be sure to do your research or ask a trusted local and/or travel specialist. Some volunteer projects actually do more harm than good). If a volunteer experience isn’t right for you or the destination you are traveling to, you can still contribute in a positive way by creating an itinerary based around socially and environmentally conscious hotels, restaurants, and activities.

I will be adding #BeABetterTraveler tips here, under the FROLIQ FINDS section of the site, and on the blog soon! You can find them easily by plugging #BeABetterTraveler into the search box at the bottom of any page on the FROLIQ website.

In the meantime, you can find my #TAKETWO challenge HERE


*I am not against sightseeing and everyone knows I love a good 5-star, eco-luxury property! But I am not about the bucket list life. When your days are dictated by checklists rather than possibilities, you risk rushing through and missing out on organic experiences. 

**I LOVE seeing the beauty in the world through the eyes/lenses of other travelers, so please continue to snap and share. Just don’t let your lens get in the way of living!