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FROLIC (traditional definition) verb \ˈfrä-lik\ To move about in a lighthearted, playful manner To have fun To skip, dance, prance noun An occasion of fun; an enjoyable time FROLIQ (my definition 🙂 ) verb \ˈfrä-lik\ To travel through life in a playful, open manner To acknowledge, experience, and share the joys in life and travel … Continue reading THE MEANING


FROLIQ’s mission is to: > Share travel tips and tidbits. > Inspire others to travel responsibly and #BeABetterTraveler. > Build bridges and cultivate compassion. > Connect with other misfits and adventurers. > Bring some of the world home to those that may not be able to go out and explore. > Curate unique and unforgettable small group travel experiences for travelers that … Continue reading THE MANIFESTO